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Fitness First Timer? Why Personal Training Will Help You Beat Your Gym Anxiety

Have you ever paid for a gym membership that you never used? Were you pumped to get started on your fitness journey, but when it came to it the thought of stepping into a busy, crowded gym gave you chills? You're not alone. Many individuals experience gym anxiety, especially when they're new to the fitness world. In fact, research suggests 50% of non gym-goers find the thought of going to a gym scary. In this post, we'll explore how personal training in Edinburgh can build your confidence, improve your fitness and teach you the correct techniques to build strength while preventing injury.

1-1 Coaching at a Private Personal Training Gym

Big gyms can be intimidating, there’s no doubt about that. Especially if you’re a first timer and you don’t know what half the equipment is used for. At AS Personal Training Edinburgh I offer 1-1 fitness coaching sessions we train from Gym On The Square - an exclusive Edinburgh personal training gym on Charlotte Square. You’ll have a personalised plan and bespoke training to help you reach your goals. You’ll build confidence as I guide you through correct technique and posture, which will not only prevent injury but lay the foundations of good movement for life. If you’re feeling confident and want to train in your own time as well, you can even pay extra to have access to Gym on the Square.

Tailored Coaching and Plans (Updated Every 4 Weeks)

With your personal training plan updated every 4 weeks, you’ll be sure to reach your goals faster than training alone in a mainstream gym. We often feel hesitant to push ourselves when we’re on our own, but with expert advice I can guide you to reach limits you didn’t even think were possible! Often fitness first-timers spend a lot of time on the treadmill or machines, but there’s a huge range of other dynamic movements, equipment and exercises that can build strength and fitness quickly and effectively, and are generally a lot more fun!

Personal Training App

I’ve developed an app specifically to support you on your fitness journey. There’s goal-tracking and a video library of exercises so you never get stuck when working out alone. You can even choose to have 100% online coaching.

Accountability and Motivation

Sticking to a fitness routine can be challenging, especially when gym anxiety kicks in. As a personal trainer in Edinburgh since 2014, I know how to motivate you through this journey. I am your accountability partner, providing the motivation you need to stay on track with weekly check-ins on top of our personal training sessions. I’ll keep you focused, celebrate your achievements, and help you push past your limits. With my support, you'll develop a positive mindset and build the consistency necessary for long-term success. Just take a look at some of the Transformations and feedback from happy clients!

Building Confidence

One of the biggest barriers to conquering gym anxiety is a lack of self-confidence. Our personal training sessions will offer a safe and encouraging environment to build your self-esteem. As you progress and achieve your milestones your confidence will grow. It’s all about you, not me - I’m here to guide you, but you’re the one changing your life!

If you're a fitness first-timer struggling with gym anxiety, hiring a personal trainer in Edinburgh is the ideal solution. With nearly 10 years’ experience coaching everyone from fitness first-timers to gym-pros I know exactly how to motivate you and keep you positive. Don't let anxiety hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself. Take that first step, invest in personal training, and embrace a healthier, more confident you.


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